Jake’s Jungle Juice

July 31, 2020 | Leeds Project Heart

Leeds Public House is hoping to help nonprofits that are continuing to cancel fund-raising events in 2020 in light of COVID-19

“Our Leeds Project Heart has an even bigger role now that many nonprofits around the region cannot hold their annual events, which not only bring funding, but also awareness,” said Leeds Public House owner Denise Burns. “Our enhanced monthly community initiative donates 50 percent of proceeds from a special drink as well as helps spread the word about what the organization needs today.”

Jake the Brown Bear

The Zoo was launched in 1925 to help Jake the Brown Bear from getting too lonely.

Leeds Project Heart’s fundraising component was changed up when the Michigan City restaurant was able to open its doors again. The shift to a monthly avenue brings in Libations for Donations, allowing for further opportunities to provide financial assistance.

Throughout August, a uniquely crafted cocktail will support the Washington Park Zoological Society. Jake’s Jungle Juice is a blend of Sugar Island Spiced Rum, Aperol, Fresh Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice and Agave Syrup.

“The Washington Park Zoological Society is a nonprofit membership organization that supports the mission of the zoo. It’s a separate volunteer group whose purpose is to generate public interest, promote, raise funds for acquisition of animals (many are rescue animals), veterinary expenses, improvements for the zoo facilities and acquiring grants,” said Zoological Society President Johnny Stimley. “COVID has impacted us with the cancellation of some of our bigger fundraisers, such as Brew at the Zoo and Zoobilee, and all zoo camps. In addition, the Zoo has been closed for many months this year and when it was open, it was limited to 50 percent occupancy.”

The featured drink’s moniker is a nod to the Zoo’s roots. The Washington Park Zoo was launched in 1925 with a retired animal trainer wanting his pet Brown Bear, Jake, to make new friends. Jake was moved to the Washington Park lakefront and the public began flocking to see him, which led to the creation of the Zoo. Jake is remembered with a statue that greets guests today.

“The Zoo is truly a region gem that has entertained generations of kids and adults,” Burns said. “We, as a community, are showing our support to ensure that the Zoo is around for many more years.”

Stimley said the community can get involved by donating, purchasing memberships or sponsorships, and volunteering. The Zoo staff also maintains a wish list of items that the zoo needs for the animals. To help, click here.

The Michigan City restaurant is always looking for new nonprofits to spotlight through its monthly Leeds Project Heart. To become a part of the community-focused initiative, contact Leeds General Manager Dave Roberts at 219-814-4530 or droberts@leedspublichouse.com.